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IT Strategy and Management


Why should the government care about Information Technology (IT) Strategic Planning? The ability to achieve agency missions depends on it. IT now impacts many of the fundamental choices that agencies must make to advance their mission goals. The integration of technology to support mission objectives that are aligned with an agency’s enterprise architecture depends on expertly communicating the risks and developing a plan to mitigate those risks, including justifying adequate funding and resource support. That’s the e-Management difference—we leverage our expertise in planning, risk mitigation, and communication to help you build a roadmap that promotes the use of technology in achieving your mission objectives, enables regulatory compliance, and provides an approach for making mission critical decisions more effectively.

.  e-Management can help you:

  • Secure funding for your IT investments through IT Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) including planning for and preparing successful Exhibit 53s and Exhibit 300s; conducting quarterly control reviews; and attaining/maintaining Green status on the President's Management Agenda (PMA).
  • Better manage your IT investment with disciplined project management principles applied to IT Capital Planning, Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategic Planning.
  • Conduct cross-agency analysis and identify duplicative investments, gaps, and opportunities for collaboration within and across federal agencies.
  • Comply with related statutory, regulatory, and policy requirements and incorporate the Government Accountability Office (GAO) Information Technology Information Management (IT/IM) maturity framework.
  • Define and implement an IT Enterprise Architecture program, improving IT and business alignment; implement application portfolio management processes; define the IT strategy; create information and business process models; and define an enterprise architecture blueprint from baseline to identified targets.
  • Develop strategic, business, data, applications, technology, security, and records management architectures in support of your organization’s enterprise architecture.


e-Management offers a variety of contract vehicles which makes it easy for government customers to work with us:

> GSA IT Schedule 70